ICE® RS26L i-Synergy Ride-On Battery Scrubber - 26"

Item # 548503

  • Lithium ion battery with 3 year warranty. Adjustable actuator pad pressure form 65 to 165 pounds. On-board charger and pad drivers standard.
  • Solution tank: 29 Gal.; Recovery tank: 29 Gal.
  • Squeegee: 34"; Front drive system; Safety light
  • Heavy duty, 1.14 HP front wheel drive system
26", ea
Manufacturers Item #RS26L
  • Description

i-Synergy wireless machine management: 1) Optimizes performance with component usage data, 2) Minimizes downtime with instant service notification, 3) Daily reports to guide management in operational decision-making. Machine can be remotely managed through the ICE server. Environmentally friendly Lithium-ion batteries are generally categorized as non-hazardous and contain less toxic material than other batteries.