Tennant B10 Rider Burnisher w/HydroLink® Battery Watering Kit - 24", 435 AH Wet

Tennant B10 Rider Burnisher w/HydroLink® Battery Watering Kit - 24", 435 AH Wet

Item # 546655

  • Automated head-lift and easy battery access allows for simple serviceability.
  • Pad motor: 4 hp direct drive; Pad rotation: 1,500 - 1,600 rpm
  • Down pressure (selectable): 70, 78, 85 amps
  • Burnishing speeds: Forward (as shipped): Low 150 fpm/45.7 mpm; Medium: 175 fpm/53.3 mpm
  • Burnishing speeds: Forward (as shipped): High 200 fpm/61.0 mpm
  • Low range: 125, 150, 175 fpm/38.1, 45.7, 53.3 mpm
  • High range:250, 275, 300 fpm/76.2, 83.8, 91.4 mpm
  • Battery: Flooded lead acid 6 x 6 volts 435 amp hour at 20 hour rate
  • Battery run time: 3 hour minimum run time at low down pressure setting
24", 435 AH Wet, ea
Manufacturers Item #B10-610-9009620

HydroLink® battery watering system has an easy-to-use design which requires little to no training and protects operators from the possibility of acid contact and other risks associated with open battery maintenance. Decreases maintenance needs and increases battery life and run time. On-board charger 25 amp rating with charge time = 18 hours. 4-stage HEPA filtration.


  • Charge anywhere with integrated, on-board charger and cord management.
  • Simple intuitive controls make the B10 easy to operate.
  • With 3 speeds and 3 down pressure settings, you can use one machine for many applications and environments.
  • Accommodates small and large areas quickly and easily with over 20% more horsepower than the leading competitor for bright, shiny floors.
  • Active 4-stage HEPA filtration dust control system increases indoor environmental quality and low 69 dBA sound level makes machine operation safe and comfortable, anytime, anywhere.
  • Ergonomically designed to make burnishing comfortable, the B10's compact riding design can cover large areas quickly while fitting in tight areas like doorways and elevators.
  • QA Controls[TM] system. Lock-in consistent, repeatable cleaning results with exclusive QA Controls system. The "supervisor lock-out" simplifies operator experience and helps ensure a uniform speed and down pressure each time.
  • True "Free Floating" burnisher head for more uniform burnishing across the cleaning path.
  • Integrated on-board charger with cord management.