SSS® Square Cat GTX 20 Oscillating Floor Machine

SSS® Square Cat GTX 20 Oscillating Floor Machine

Item # 546531

  • The GTX 20 offers the unique "Handle-Carriage" design to this new generation model.
Manufacturers Item #82031

Traditional "handle only" machines don't offer the features and value of the new "Handle-Carriage" models. Lighter Weight Offers Superb Performance - Weighing 75 lbs less than the XT20, the unit still provides superb performance. The carriage allows the head to sit squarely on the floor making full use of the 20" x 14" driver. Wheels on the ground in use prevents the machine from tracking left or right as other designs do.


  • The handle can be height adjusted to fit any operator without negative affect on the machine alignment to the floor and forward movement.
  • Handle only designs can only be used in the upright position primarily.
  • More Durable - The main bearing is less prone to wearing out because the unique handle-carriage design allows the head to sit flat on the floor reducing friction and extending its life.
  • More Mobile - The Handle-Carriage design allows for its separation from the head for transport.
  • Less Operator Fatigue - The carriage connects to the working head via isolators (6 primary, 8 secondary). These isolators absorb vibration and improve operator feel while reducing fatigue.