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Floor Sealers


Bruco Foundation Resilient Tile Sealer - 5 Gal. BIB

Seals pores in tiles. Enhances color and tone of floors. Ensures adhesion of floor finish. Saves time on stripping. Protects flooring from damaging stains. Use for stain resistant base coat for resilient tile.

Manufacturers Item #529300
Add to Cart $111.91/CASE

Brulin® QW™ Polish Guard High Gloss Stain Repellent

Penetrates pores of polished concrete. Protects floor from most common stains. Increases gloss levels. Excellent leveling properties. Easy to apply. Low odor/No VOCs.

Manufacturers Item #141025-04
Add to Cart $299.64/CASE

Diversey JonCrete™ Impermo™ Water Based Sealer - Gal.

A water-based chemical treatment that penetrates into porous floors, leaving them stain and soil resistant. Will not alter the floor's natural appearance. White in color with a mild scent.

Manufacturers Item #5762670
Add to Cart $193.82/CASE

Diversey Over & Under® Plus Sealer - Gal.

Sealer for all finishes used on resilient flooring. Seals pores of flooring and levels surface. Enhances the gloss of all Diversey finishes. White in color with an ammonia scent.

Manufacturers Item #4166
Add to Cart $110.93/CASE