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Floor Restorers / Maintainers


SSS® Thermoforce UHS Floor Restorer - Gal.

A one-step cleaner and restorer that is an ideal companion product for use with NANOFORCE floor finish as well as other acrylic finishes.

Manufacturers Item #48170
Add to Cart $87.70/CASE

SSS® Re-Buff Hi-Speed Buffing Crème - Pint

For resilient floors. A unique cleaner and polish that may be used with any speed machine, but produces a better gloss at high speeds. Saves labor by cleaning and polishing in one step. Faster than spray buffing as there is no waiting for drying. Regular use improves slip resistance. 12 per case.

Manufacturers Item #48026
Add to Cart $183.84/CASE

CCW Concentrates™ Floor Conditioner/Neutralizer -1.35 oz

Mixes with 4 gallons of water and removes alkaline residue after floor stripping and helps remove ice melting compounds.

Manufacturers Item #FC-8
Add to Cart $160.09/CASE

Diversey Revive® Cleaner/Maintainer - 5 Gal. Envirobox™

Formulated for daily use & doesn't require burnishing after each application. Use through an auto scrubber or with mop and bucket. Pink in color with a slightly sweet scent.

Manufacturers Item #4636
Add to Cart $133.47/EACH

Diversey Wiwax™ Cleaning & Maintenance Emulsion - Gal.

A unique blend of detergents, waxes and polymers to effectively clean and maintain rubber, linoleum, asphalt, marble, and slate flooring. Pleasant fragrance. Cleans, shines and protects when used on a regular basis.

Manufacturers Item #4512767
Add to Cart $143.50/CASE