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Metered Dispensers/Refills


F-Matic Metered Sprays

Provide an ultra-dry spray to eliminate odors, not merely cover them up. Dual odor-counteractant system to effectively fight odors. Contains no glycol either; ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls or pooling on floors, reducing the risk of falls. Smallest particle size available, less than 6 microns, for an ultra-dry, ultra-fine, long suspension spray. Fits most competitive metered dispensers. Low VOC (meets all VOC limits). Non-chlorinated, non-ozone depleting.

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Diversey Good Sense® Refill Cartridge - Tuscan Garden

Continuously freshens air anywhere odors are present. Uses patented concentrated aerosol technology to deliver a dry and fine mist of odor counteractant resulting in long-lasting action against malodors. Uses a programmable dispenser to meet all customers' needs. Easy removal of the unit from its wall mounted back plate, make the replacement of cartridges easy. Integrated photocell, when activated switches unit automatically to night mode when lights are out.

Manufacturers Item #4889
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SSS® CommandAir Air Freshener Refill - Fresh Scent

Available in various fragrances. Advanced fragrance formula delivers effective, long lasting odor neutralizing action. 3,000 metered sprays control odors in up to 6,000 cubic feet.

Manufacturers Item #74169
Add to Cart $128.32/CASE