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Floor Care Concrete & Stone


SSS® New Dimensions Marble Wet Polishing Powder - 500 g

Used to polish marble, terrazzo, concrete, limestone, travertine, etc. Unique abrasive technology.

Manufacturers Item #09008
Add to Cart $284.20/CASE

SSS® New Dimensions Stone Impregnator Seal Concentrate-Qt.

Used for maximum protection against stains and discoloration. Allows the stone to breathe.

Manufacturers Item #09021
Add to Cart $462.00/CASE

Brulin® TerraGreen Red Diamond™ Concrete Cleaner

Polished concrete cleaner maintainer. Significantly enhances and maintains Diamond-like gloss. Cleans and conditions with every use. Helps protect concrete from staining. Decreases porosity and strengthens concrete.

Manufacturers Item #111011-07
Add to Cart $326.92/CASE

Brulin® QW™ Polish Guard High Gloss Stain Repellent

Penetrates pores of polished concrete. Protects floor from most common stains. Increases gloss levels. Excellent leveling properties. Easy to apply. Low odor/No VOCs.

Manufacturers Item #141025-04
Add to Cart $299.64/CASE

Brulin® Diamond Solitaire RTU™ Terrazzo Revitalizer

UHS spray buff terrazzo revitalizer. Eliminates uneven wear patterns and edge build-up from heavy traffic over time. Revitalizes gloss. Eliminates scrub and recoats required. Helps protect terrazzo from staining. 12 per case; w/1 trigger spray.

Manufacturers Item #111006-Q3
Add to Cart $59.46/CASE

Diversey JonCrete™ Impermo™ Water Based Sealer - Gal.

A water-based chemical treatment that penetrates into porous floors, leaving them stain and soil resistant. Will not alter the floor's natural appearance. White in color with a mild scent.

Manufacturers Item #5762670
Add to Cart $193.82/CASE