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Enzyme Bacteria Products


SSS® Enz-Odor II - Qt., Pleascent Scent

Combines the effectiveness of enzyme-producing non-pathogenic bacteria, odor-encapsulating counteractants, and powerful cherry almond fragrance. Neutralizes and eliminates offensive odors. Leaves a pleasant lingering fragrance.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #48014
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Integra® Bio Clean Enzyme Floor Cleaner 108 - Gal.

Integra Green™. Environmental friendly formula. Cleans floors and grout. Reduces slippage and odors.  2/cs
Manufacturers Item #PHK3904
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Integra® Pursuit Drain Maintenance System 13 - Gal.

A chemical bacteria blend formulated with 7 bio-strains of microorganisms designed for their ability to degrade grease, fats and oils at accelerated rates. This synergistic blend provides exceptional results for line and trap maintenance. Contains no acids or solvents. Can be used to eliminate stain causing organics as well as organic odors. Integra Green™. With consistent treatment, the biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and total suspended solids (TSS) are significantly reduced. Safe to use. Safe for the environment and biodegradable.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #PKI3610
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