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Aerosol Deodorant


SSS® Mountain Fresh Dry Air Deodorizer - 10 oz.

Specifically formulated to alter malodor molecules and destroy odor at the source. Excellent bloom and suspension time with ultra fine particles. No fallout or residue.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #05225
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F-Matic Metered Sprays

Provide an ultra-dry spray to eliminate odors, not merely cover them up. Dual odor-counteractant system to effectively fight odors. Contains no glycol either; ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls or pooling on floors, reducing the risk of falls. Smallest particle size available, less than 6 microns, for an ultra-dry, ultra-fine, long suspension spray. Fits most competitive metered dispensers. Low VOC (meets all VOC limits). Non-chlorinated, non-ozone depleting.
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