KaiVac® Spray-and-Vac System - 10 Gal.

KaiVac® Spray-and-Vac System - 10 Gal.

Item # 546695

  • Extreme cleaning and instant drying mean immediate availability and reduced slip-and-fall accidents, in fact, the system has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for providing high traction.
  • Solution tank: 10 Gal.; Vacuum tank: 10 Gal.; Variable flow spigot: Yes
  • Method of dumping: 26" long Dump hose; Toilet dumping: Yes
  • Vacuum motor lift: 92"; Vacuum CFM: 92"; Pump system: 500 PSI
  • Handle: 4-bend metal with posts (removable); Hard rubber tires: (2) 5"
  • Casters: (2) 3"; Volts (US): 110V-60Hz; Volts (Universal): 100-240V; 50-60Hz
  • Amps (US): 10; Amps (Universal): 5.5; Electric cord: 15'; Extension cord: 25' GFCI
  • Tools included: Aluminum vacuum wand, 14" squeegee head brush, training materials
  • Cleaning width: 14"
10 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #OSV50

The Spray-and-Vac system offers a simple, fast approach to cleaning restrooms, showers, kitchens, kennels, and other heavily soiled areas. Nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning technology for completely removing soils and liquid leaving surfaces clean and dry. Just apply an automatically diluted cleaning solution to fixtures and floors in low pressure, and then wash the soils loose with a power rinse of always-fresh, clean water. The indoor pressure washer flushes soils out of grout lines and tight places that mops can't reach. Finally, just vacuum the floor dry, completely removing soils, moisture and bio-pollution from all surfaces, grout lines and crevices, leaving the floor dry and soil free.


  • A perfect "no mop" solution for fast and hygienic cleaning of restroom floors.
  • Spray-and Vac systems get the grease out of grout lines and from behind equipment and are great for coolers, freezers, walls and more, resulting in clean, safe and healthy kitchens.
  • Stair treads, handrails, ceilings, walls, and corners are a haven for soils and contaminants and the system quickly deep cleans this highly traveled source of cross-contamination.
  • Locker rooms, gyms, equipment and wrestling mats are not only a cleaning challenge they are also high risk and Spray-and-Vac cleaning removes soils and odors while reducing the risk of disease transfer.
  • Perfect for weather-related cleaning of salt, water and mud removal for improved floor safety and perfect first impressions.
  • Studies show that Spray-and-Vac systems are up to 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from grout lines than mopping, which is more likely to spread contamination. The cleaning solution always stays fresh because soiled water is vacuumed into a s
  • Automatic chemical metering improves chemical efficiency, reduces waste and insulates the worker from unnecessary chemical exposure. Many users achieve outstanding results with plain water.